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Qualities of In-home Care Providers

Elderly people require love, care, support and round the clock attention. What if your aging parents require more care and support than you can provide them? It is a difficult decision to make. However, in some cases, it is better to shift your elderly parents or relatives to a nursing home. If you are looking for a Brighton nursing home, equipped with all required facilities, you will find many options to choose from. However, before you finalise a nursing home, it is important to know about the quality of in-home care they provide.

At Ashton House, we provide both residential and nursing care elderly persons. Apart from providing all usual facilities, we provide nursing home care under the care of our trained and experienced care managers. We make sure that care is available round the clock. The home is situated in heart of the scenic town of Haywards Heath not far from Brighton.

Features of Our Nursing Home in Haywards Heath West Sussex

  • Our care managers and deputy care managers work in three shifts: 7am-2pm, 2pm-8pm and 8pm -7am. This means that you get round the clock service.
  • A typical shift would be covered by three trained nurses and fourteen to fifteen care assistants, complimented by ancillary staff including chefs, activity organisers, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative staff.
  • Our nursing home is fully committed to staff learning and development. There are some staff working towards their NVQ qualifications and there are various monthly training courses available for staff development.
  • Medical care is provided by the local General Practitioner of your choice. The home has retainer GPs who visit every week.

Qualities that Make Our Staff Stand Out

Care managers at our nursing home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex have the following qualities.

  • A proven track record to lead, motivate and mentor a team, delegate effectively and promote excellent peer relationship.
  • A genuine commitment to adhere to the NMC Codes of Conduct and expand their professional development
  • A respectful, courteous and compassionate behaviour and belief in giving your personal best at all times
  • Taking complete responsibility for the well-being of our residents, including all their needs pertaining to their physical, emotional and social needs are met
  • Carrying out assessments and developing, implementing and evaluating individualised care plans for each of our residents
  • Monitoring work areas and practices to ensure they are safe and conform to relevant standards, policies and legislation
  • Promoting our residents' independence, choice, dignity and respect by delivering the very best standards of care; and striving for continuous improvement
  • Helping clients with daily personal care need such as washing, cleaning, dressing, using the toilet and feeding themselves
  • Helping clients manage their budget, pay bills and write letters
  • Working with other health and social care professionals to provide individual care and development plans
  • Organizin leisure activities

With all these qualities, our in-home care providers easily become friends with our residents. Moreover, they are compassionate and are committed to do something for elderly people. This is what makes our Brighton nursing home an ideal place for elderly frail and mentally infirm. Come and experience a new life, a fresh environment and a new set of companions to share all your rich experiences of life.