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Get Reliable Nursing Home Care in Crawley

Did you know that around 3 million people in the U.K. are aged 80 or over? The Annual Mid-year Population Estimates, 2013 by Office of National Statistics also revealed that around 14.7 million people in the U.K. are aged 60 and above. If one of your near and dear ones is aged 60 or above, you could be in a situation where it is difficult to decide whether he or she should be moved to a nursing home. Some telltale signs that your aging parents need round-the-clock assistance include forgetfulness, unpleasant body odour, and difficulty in making body movements. Moreover, dementia patients are also treated better in a nursing home. If you are looking for a nursing home in Crawley West Sussex, we are at your service.

Welcome to Ashton House Nursing Home

We specialise in providing both residential and nursing care to elderly people. Whether you are looking for a Crawley Nursing Home or a Haywards Heath Dementia Nursing Home, you will find us close to your place. Now receive highest level of care and comfort at our nursing home located amid lush, green countryside. Staying here is also a chance for you to get up close and personal with nature, enjoy fresh air, and picturesque landscape of Haywards Heath. You can also visit Victoria Park and Beech Hurst Gardens, which are a stone's throw away from our home.

Get Flexible Services and a Range of Facilities

We understand that nursing home needs may vary depending on the age and medical condition of residents. This is exactly why we offer both residential and nursing care. We also have a separate wing for frail or mentally unwell elderly people. Moreover, we provide day care services and comprehensive care plans for married couples. Our building is equipped with luxury rooms. Both single and double bedrooms with en-suite facilities are available. Other facilities include assisted baths, showers and toilets for wheelchair users. We also provide healthy and hygienic meals, drinks and snacks.

Socialise to Get Well Soon

We believe that group activities play a key role in keeping elderly people mentally fit and fine. It helps them ward off depression and loneliness, thereby speeding up their recovery. Throughout the year, we organise several group activities, including quiz shows, music shows, board games, summer trips, winter trips, and Christmas parties.

Bank on Our Experienced Staff

You can rely on our trained and experienced staff for getting high quality treatment and care. Our care managers work in three shifts, ensuring that you get round-the-clock care at our Crawley nursing home. Medical support is provided by a local general practitioner of your choice. In addition, an experienced GP visits the nursing home for weekly checkups.

Whether you want to move your elderly parents to a Burgess Hill & Brighton nursing home or to a nursing home in Crawley West Sussex, you can bank on us to provide for the highest level of care.