I can see and feel the changes which Ashton House is implementing, there is always something new going on. I can see that Ashton House is going in a direction towards improvement day by day.
Tonia - Family member

Congratulations. The home is well led and doing good, I am more on my feet now since I came to Ashton House.
Edward Murren - Resident

I always look forward to the Men’s choir which the fantastic activity staff have organised every week. I get to enjoy doing what I love most and that is singing.
Rob Rogers - Resident

I had a makeover and hair done for free when I was feeling a bit low, staff are very responsive to residents needs. I did mention that I would love to ride a horse and staff has put me on a waiting list to ride a horse at a local foundation.I am very much excited to do this.
Betty Irving - Resident

One care staff has approached me and asked- Can I call Keith- Pop as he reminds me of my grandfather? I answered, Of course, you can call him whatever you like. This comment had made me realized that this staff member treats Keith as a family, it is reassuring to know this
Janine - Family member

My wife has been in Ashton House over 1 year. I like the friendly and approachable manner of staff from top level through management to the nurses and carers. Day to day process like décor and cleanliness, laundry, food is all well organised and high quality. Daily care is excellent. There is also a good range of activities run by the activities team. I feel happy that my wife is being looked after well.
Ken - Family member

Ashton house is a lovely place and makes me feel at home.
Molly Styles – Resident

I love the entertainment and the day trips out from the ladies in pink, the staff here are so friendly and welcoming.
Betty Irving - Resident

The staff are very kind and always smiling which makes everyone's day.
Ena Ockenden – Resident

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